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    • Achitopelan, An Old Jew Scribe Lately Turned Greek Greeks Persians
    • To the left is Thurlow, the Chancellor, depicted...
    • Size: 7.1MB
      4698 x 3767px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Purple felt embroidered with an...
    • Size: 2.75MB
      4032 x 1256px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Red felt embroidered with a black...
    • Size: 3.94MB
      4032 x 1489px
    • Samson and the Lion
    • Oil painting 'Samson and the Lion' by Edward...
    • Size: 1.47MB
      2647 x 4027px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Embroidered cream silk on a wooden...
    • Size: 3.13MB
      3992 x 1242px