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    • The Raising of Lazarus
    • Two arms are seen upraised from the tomb in the...
    • Size: 2.04MB
      2725 x 2480px
    • Half- length frontal view, lit from below, of a...
    • Size: 2.96MB
      2513 x 3100px
    • The figures of Christ and Saint John the Baptist...
    • Size: 3.34MB
      2480 x 3402px
    • Virgin and Child in a Garland of Flowers
    • Oil painting from the Fine Art collection....
    • Size: 3.57MB
      2480 x 2980px
    • Church Scene. A print of a church scene, where...
    • Size: 7.44MB
      3700 x 4730px
    • Christ Crowned with Thorns (Ecce Homo)
    • Christ Crowned with Thorns (Ecce Homo). Christ is...
    • Size: 2.96MB
      2480 x 3566px
    • Madonna and Child with Cherubs, (attributed to) Lassaro Bastiani
    • Madonna and Child with Cherubs
    • Madonna and Child with Cherubs. The Virgin and...
    • Size: 8.12MB
      2352 x 3878px
    • Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery. The...
    • Size: 2.39MB
      3140 x 2480px
    • Not This Man But Barabbas. The figures of Christ...
    • Size: 1.94MB
      2577 x 3508px
    • Madonna and Child with Saints Anne and John. The...
    • Size: 3.13MB
      3223 x 2480px
    • Mater Consolatrix (Icon)
    • Mater Consolatrix (Icon). The Madonna in a rich...
    • Size: 3.85MB
      2913 x 3347px
    • Tivoli. This painting depicts the convent of San...
    • Size: 2.37MB
      3189 x 2480px
    • Knight, Death and the Devil
    • Mounted figure of a knight, accompanied by a dog...
    • Size: 7.75MB
      3711 x 4858px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Green felt on a wooden frame and...
    • Size: 2.12MB
      4032 x 1248px
    • Triptych with the Nativity and Saints. On the...
    • Size: 2.16MB
      2808 x 1872px
    • Triptych with the Nativity and Saints. On the...
    • Size: 1.59MB
      1577 x 2383px
    • The Glorification of Saint Vincent. A blue robed...
    • Size: 2.44MB
      2176 x 3558px
    • Nativity
    • Nativity. The Christ Child lies in a stable...
    • Size: 2.75MB
      2480 x 3371px
    • The Resurrection. This painting shows Christ with...
    • Size: 1.62MB
      1474 x 4652px
    • Crucifixion. Christ on the cross, attended by...
    • Size: 2.9MB
      2480 x 2808px
    • St Veronica's Veil
    • St Veronica's Veil. A green curtain is drawn back...
    • Size: 3.49MB
      3585 x 4715px
    • Madonna Della Sedia
    • Madonna Della Sedia. This copy of Raphael's...
    • Size: 2.05MB
      2480 x 2523px
    • St. Jerome. Saint Jerome is shown in the left...
    • Size: 2.7MB
      2480 x 2868px
    • 19th century Russian icon depicting the birth of...
    • Size: 256.57KB
      669 x 771px
    • Figure Group showing Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, c1830. From the Willett Collection of Popular Pottery
    • Depicts Christ prostrate in the Garden of...
    • Size: 2.01MB
      4200 x 3779px
    • Figure Group depicting Christ, c1830. From the Willett Collection of Popular Pottery
    • Table-based group shows Christ on his knees...
    • Size: 1.86MB
      2984 x 4200px
    • Font St Nicholas Church Brighton, by Francis Arundale, c1850
    • Font carvings illustrating the Last Supper and...
    • Size: 21.96MB
      8031 x 3779px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Purple felt embroidered with an...
    • Size: 2.75MB
      4032 x 1256px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Red felt embroidered with a black...
    • Size: 3.94MB
      4032 x 1489px
    • The Glorification of the Virgin
    • The Glorification of the Virgin. Above a grey...
    • Size: 2.08MB
      2739 x 3508px
    • The Centurion of Capernaum. Amid classical...
    • Size: 3.36MB
      3845 x 2480px
    • Jesus Returning to His Mother. The young Christ...
    • Size: 3.26MB
      2953 x 2916px
    • A Rest on the Flight into Egypt
    • A Rest on the Flight into Egypt. The landscape...
    • Size: 3.49MB
      3421 x 2480px
    • Interior of a Church. A spacious vaulted nave...
    • Size: 1.9MB
      1986 x 2474px
    • Font In St.Peters Church Brighton, by Francis Arundale, c1850
    • Two strips of font moulding with measurements,...
    • Size: 16.75MB
      5779 x 4125px
    • St Peter's Church, Brighton. The Steine,...
    • Size: 3.38MB
      3536 x 2480px
    • Altar Cloth
    • Altar cloth. Embroidered cream silk on a wooden...
    • Size: 3.13MB
      3992 x 1242px