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Description: Oral history. Wartime Memories of Brighton & Hove 1939-1945. Kenneth Francis interviewed by Kate Richardson.

Summary: Born in 1932, Kenneth Francis lived in Wakefield Road, Brighton during the war. His father was a boiler maker and member of the Home Guard. Kenneth has vivid memories of the war years as remembered through a child’s eyes.

Track 3 - Beginnings: Lead up to war; Chamberlain’s broadcast; Battle of Britain. (3:04)
Categories: Timeline/ World War Two (1939-1945), Collections/ Community History, Collections/ Local & Social History, Audio-Visual/ Audio, Learning Themes/ WW2/ Oral Histories  
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Credit: Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove
Licence: CC BY-SA
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Type (of Object or Artwork): Oral History
Title (of Artwork / Object): Track 3 - Beginnings
Creator (of Artwork / Object): Interviewee: Kenneth Francis / Interviewer: Kate Richardson
Date Created (of Object / Artwork): 5 October 2000
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World War II
Second World War
Other Keywords: WW2
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