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3D model of Palaeolithic hand axe

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Description: Palaeolithic flint hand axe.

Handaxes appear in the archaeological record about 1.6 million years ago and coincide with the appearance of our early ancestor, homo erectus. They then remain as the main all-purpose stone tool for the following 1.5 million years.

3D model of object from collections. Digitised by University of Brighton August 2012."
Categories: Collections / Archaeology, Timeline/ Stone Age, Timeline/ Palaeolithic  

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Caption: 3D model of Palaeolithic hand axe
Licence: CC BY-SA
Credit Line: Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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Type (of Object or Artwork): Hand Axe
Title (of Artwork / Object): Hand Axe
Date Created (of Object / Artwork): Palaeolithic
Description (Object or Artwork): This is a pear-shaped flint handaxe, bifacially worked with a possible failed tranchet removal at the end. It was made in the Lower Palaeolithic and was found at Boscombe, Hampshire.
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3D model

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Original Filename: 48102.Flint1withoutholes.ply
Media: 3D model
Size: 18.15 MB;

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