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09/03/2017 16:24
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Digital Media Bank ID: 63887
Original Filename: dmas_wa0020_d01.tif
Description: A monochrome photographic print of the view down the Ahkyang from Mankamdam. Snow mountains in background and two Nung women in foreground. Examples of Kachin basketry can be seen. Photograph taken by James Henry Green in Kachin Land (Northern Burma) in the 1920s.
Categories: Timeline/ 1920s, Collections/ World Art/ Asia/ James Henry Green Photos of Burma (Myanmar), Collections/ World Art/ Photographs  
Copyright & Re-use
Credit: James Henry Green Charitable Trust
Licence: CC BY-SA
Object or Artwork info
Type (of Object or Artwork): Photographic Print
Creator (of Artwork / Object): James Henry Green
Date Created (of Object / Artwork): Early 20th Century
Source (of Object / Artwork): Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove
Subject tags:
James Henry Green Collection
Other Keywords: Photograph; Burma; Kachin; Nung (Rawang); Myanmar
File info
Media: Image
Size: 32.12 MB; 3892 x 2883 pixels; 330 x 244 mm (print at 300 DPI); 1030 x 763 mm (screen at 96 DPI);
Orientation: Landscape
Administrative info
Linked Accession no.: WA0020
Date Created: 15/03/2017 00:00
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