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Description: Burma image, WA0357.'The [Atsi] women are as usual more conservative in dress. Their type of dress is in form similar to that of the Maru, but presumably owing to Hkahku influence they are less ornate than the other Nmai tribes, are less decorative and wear less jewellery. Their skirts are woven in black home grown cotton but the fancy red border has been increased, in cases, to almost one half the width of the skirt. The skirt is supported by a red sash. Bells, cowries and lacquer rings are not used. Tubular silver earrings, similar to those of the Marus, are worn together with a few neck rings and necklaces. Red is the most popular colour, blue is disliked. The hem of the skirt is cleverly woven. Swastikas, lozenges and a variety of other decorative forms are woven in, in red, green and yellow wool. The type of design is peculiarly Namo and its development can be traced from the narrow border of the Nungs to the Gauris and Kachins who decorate the whole skirt. Both men and women wear the Maru or Chinese type of double-breasted jacket, but the commonest type of women's jacket is similar to that of the Kuki and the Karen tribes of Burma. Two strips of cloth about 4 feet by 9 inches are stitched together leaving an unstitched gap in the centre for the head. When doubled the sides are stitched together leaving gaps for the arms' [dissertation, 1934:
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