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Description: Burma image, WAP0100. Shan paper making.
"Shan paper is made of the bark of the 'hsa' [mulberry] tree, brought from the jungle in long strips. It is generally white in colour, but in order to whiten it still more, it is placed in a large metal pot, covered by a cloth, and boiled with water containing lime or ashes. The boiling process, which lasts for three hours, softens the bark, which is taken to a stream and well washed. If any parts are still discoloured they are carefully removed from the rest and reboiled. The fibre is not cut into small pieces with a knife, then placed on a flat stone and pounded with a wooden mallet weighing at least a pound and a half, until thoroughly reduced to a pasted. This paste is made into small balls about the size of ducks' eggs, which are placed in the hollow stem of a large bamboo. Water is added, and it is stirred with a wooden stick until the balls have been reduced to pulp. The pulp is poured into a wooden vat four feet long, two feet wide, and six inches deep, into which is turned a stream of slowly running water, the pulp floating on the surface. Wooden frames covered with coarse cotton cloth are slipped into the water under the pulp, which is gently smoothed on the surface of the cloth in a very thin layer. The frame, when evenly covered with pulp is raised from the water and gently tipped to drain; the water runs off, the pulp remaining on the cloth until quite dry, when it is stripped off in the shape of a very strong and tough paper. One frame makes one sheet, and the frames are used again and again, the cloth being tightened now and then to form a smooth, firm surface." ['Shans at Home', L. Milne, London, 1910, pp.175-176]
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Caption: Burma image, WAP0100

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