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Burma image, WA0600

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Description: Burma image, WA0600. [Captain Green's troops resting in a Kachin village.] (Researcher's notes in brackets)
'Their villages are similar to those of the Hkahkus. The houses are, however, generally smaller and their labans, numshangs and nat altars and shrines [all are connected with making offerings to spirits] are all made on a smaller scale and with less care. They are less conservative than the Hkahkus and some chiefs and well-to-do commoners have floored their houses in timber or even built wooden houses roofed in corrugated iron' [dissertation, 1934:287]

*****Major C. M. Enriquez, who commanded Kachin troops in Mesopotamia in the first world war wrote the following on the advantages and disadvantages of lodging in villages compared to staying in special military rest houses that had been built in many parts of British administered territory: 'There were, of course, no more comfortable rest-houses, but this had its advantages as well as its drawbacks. It is troublesome to be stared at and spat round, and there is an awful monotony in expounding the same truths, making the same jokes, and meeting the same defeats for twenty consecutive days; but on the other hand, there is a far closer intimacy with the villagers round the camp-fire, which has its pleasures and compensations. The rest-house, whatever its comforts, has been a serious factor in isolating us from the people. A special insight belonged to the days when officers travelled slowly, slept in huts and zayats, or sought the hospitality of village monasteries' ['A Burmese Arcady', Major C. M. Enriquez, London, 1923, p.243]
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Caption: Burma image, WA0600

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