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Burma image, WA0616

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Description: Burma image, WA0616. [A Falam man smoking.] (Researcher's notes in brackets)
James Henry Green. 1926.
'The Thado and Sokte [Chin] men are great smokers; the Siyins are beginning to smoke English pipes, but when we first came to the Hills they hardly if ever smoked at all. The Shunklas and their tributaries smoke regularly, but in the south only the elderly men smoke regularly, and it is uncommon to see youths smoking at all. The practice of spitting on the tobacco to make it burn slowly is universal. The style of pipe varies. The Thados smoke a short metal pipe with both stem and bowl made of brass or iron; amongst the Yahows and Shunklas a heavy bamboo bowl with a 3 or 4 foot stem is smoked; and the Soktes smoke, besides a bamboo bowl, a bowl of mixed clay and pigs' dung and baked like a clay pipe. The most common pipe in the hills is a bamboo bowl lined with copper or other metal to prevent it from burning, and a bamboo stem a foot long. In the Tashon country, especially in the west, curious brass pipes are cast in moulds. The stems of these pipes are often ornamented with the figures of man, horse, elephant, hornbill and bison. To light the pipe flint and steel, which almost every Chin carries, is used. The flint and steel are both imported and the tinder used is either cotton or puff ball' ['The Chin Hills: Vol. I', B. S. Carey and H. N. Tuck, Rangoon, 1896, p.183]
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Caption: Burma image, WA0616

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Myanmar; James Henry Green Collection
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