Terms and Conditions

Images and other digital assets downloaded from the Royal Pavilion & Museums' Media Bank should be used in accordance with the states licence or guidance.

Unless otherwise indicated, we ask that these images are credited to the 'Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove'.

 Open licences

Unless protected by third party copyright, assets derived from our collections are available to download and use under Creative Commons licences.

Our standard permission is a Creative Commons BY-SA licence. This permits the user to re-use and adapt the asset providing:

  1. It is credited to the 'Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove'
  2. If the work is altered or built upon, the resultant works should be made available under the same licence.

 Press images

Unless otherwise indicated by a licence agreement, press images are supplied to registered users on the understanding that they are on loan to the user, and are accepted under the following terms and conditions:

  • The attached images are on loan to you, and are accepted by you under the following terms and conditions:
  • That the reproductions are accompanied by the name of the artist, the title and date of work, and the owner credit line/copyright;
  • That the reproductions are not cropped, overprinted, tinted or subject to any form of derogatory treatment, without the prior approval of the copyright owner;
  • That the images are only reproduced to illustrate an article or feature reviewing or reporting on the exhibition, event or activity for which they were loaned, (section 30(i) and (ii) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) - and only until the exhibition, event or activity has finished;
  • That any reproductions that accompany an article are not used for marketing or advertising purposes;
  •  That any separate terms and conditions of use required by the image owner (if not RPM) are abided by.

NB: Captions and credit lines are in image file names as far as possible, and/or an accompanying captions document.