03 Apr, 2012

New Turner available

Our newly acquired Turner watercolour is available to purchase from the Image Store as a digital download or print.

Turner made the watercolour after visiting Brighton in 1824. He had been commissioned to create topographical scenes for William Bernard and George Cooke?s publication Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England (1825). For many years the engraving made for this publication was the only known visual record of the original watercolour. The watercolour will be shown alongside the black and white print.

The watercolour depicts Brighton from the sea. Extending into the sea on the right is the newly constructed Chain Pier (1823) designed by Captain Samuel Brown. The delicate structure is poised elegantly above the water and bustles with people. Two fishing boats struggle eastwards against the waves. In the centre of the image, framed between two, more substantial, buildings is the Royal Pavilion. The axis of the Pavilion has been skewed to appear parallel with the seafront, thus allowing the building to dominate the centre of the composition. St. Nicholas Church can be seen on the hill above the old town and Lamprell?s famous Baths are shown on the far left of the image. The Albion, the Royal York York?s and the Prince of Wales hotels are shown just left of the Royal Pavilion. Behind the pier is the Marine Parade, which was being built in the mid 1820s.

The watercolour is the only known painting by Turner to feature the Royal Pavilion.

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